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Following my previous visit to Watlington Hill when I luckily took the last space in the car park I decided to arrive a bit earlier this time, and at 8:15 there was only one other car in the car park. Whilst this timing was good for parking it was not so clever for photographing red kites as there were few to be seen. However, after about an hour a few appeared and they were soon in plentiful supply! I was still prone to pressing the shutter when I knew that they were too far away but after about 2 hours I had amassed about a dozen usable images. Most of these were where the kite took up a relatively small section of the image but there was one where the kite had been close overhead and it filled a good quarter of the image, albeit in the bottom left corner, but it was (just) all included. After a little bit of editing I managed to print this in a square format on A3 and I am currently waiting to get it mounted. It is without doubt one of my finest images even though it owed a certain amount to luck. It is included in the Red Kite Gallery and also in the header to this entry.