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I decided to visit Broughton where a flooded field can give some nice reflections of a line of trees. I left without having a great deal of success and decided to drive over to Farnborough. This turned out to be an excellent decision. After walking around without seeing anything I came across Dave Fuller, the Water Warden, who advised me that I had "just walked straight past it". "It" turned out to be a muntjac of the bank on the opposite side of the lake but that wasn't all, he just happened to mention that there was a kingfisher in the bushes about 10 feet from the muntjac! I have uploaded an image of the muntjac which is half decent and a "for the record" image of the kingfisher which is of poor quality but serves to prove that I saw it as this is the first time I have seen a kingfisher at Farnborough and only the second time ever! The images are in the Farnborough Gallery which is a sub-gallery of the Banbury Area Gallery.