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I have recently been taking my Olympus OMD EM1 MkII and 75-300 zoom lens with me on my regular walks but it is slightly cumbersome, ideally requiring a bag. I therefore had the idea of purchasing a small pocket sized compact camera with a long zoom lens. After a bit of internet searching I initially decided on a Sony Cybershot DSV-HX99. To avoid having to wait in for a courier my preferred supplier was John Lewis as I could collect it from my local Waitrose but Wilkinson's Cameras appeared to be selling for £30 less than John Lewis. Not to be deterred I requested a price match. Whilst awaiting a reply and doing a bit more research I changed my mind and decided that a Panasonic Lumix DC-TZ90 which has a 24-720 zoom would be a better bet. John Lewis were selling this for £279, £10 more than Curry's so I placed my order with John Lewis and subsequently successfully claimed back the £10 difference on price match. Today I collected the camera and am looking forward to trying it out!
John Lewis subsequently advised me that they couldn't price match on the Sony camera as "it has a different EAN which means that this is a different item to the one sold with John Lewis and Partners"