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On 30th May I was travelling from Croughton towards the Barley Mow roundabout on the A43 and spotted a red kite. I went round the roundabout, retraced my steps and parked in a gateway. From here I photographed a group of at least 5 red kites, quite possibly more. As with my earlier experience at Mollington many images were too small. By way of experimentation I used the digital teleconverter function on my camera for some of the images and although they are just about ok to include in my Red Kite gallery they do not stand up to printing.
This was my second go at photographing red kites in the space of a few days after years of not getting anywhere near to them. They are certainly not easy to photograph as they move so quickly and at 600mm you are viewing a very small area of the sky which they quickly disappear from!