Photography Blog


Like most photographers "of a certain age" I have literally hundreds of photos taken on 35mm film and processed by the likes of Bonusprint and Tripleprint. For several years I have intended to load some of these onto the pages of a Facebook group which I belong to, Croughton Memories.
Having established that I had the necessary equipment and found out how to use it, over the course of a few days I uploaded about 40 images.
Today, for a change, I thought that I would upload some images to the website.
Around 1995 I spent a day in London taking photographs of various landmarks. Probably more by luck than judgement I chose a bright sunny day, although back then I didn't appreciate that a few clouds in the sky could actually enhance an image!
I know from what records I have that I was using my Olympus OM10 camera and a Sigma 75-250mm zoom lens. I would probably have also had with me my Olympus 50mm standard lens and my Makinon 28mm wide-angle lens. I don't know if a took a tripod but I know that at least some of the images were hand-held. It is also apparent that I "overdid" the use of the polarising filter! All of this equipment was, at a later date, stolen.
The quality is average at best, but it's probably better that the images are on the website as opposed to languishing in a box!