This is a website to showcase some of my favourite images.
I have had an interest in photography for in excess of 30 years. My first "proper" camera was an Olympus Trip. Unfortunately this camera went missing as a result of me leaving it on my car roof when leaving Stonehenge!
This was not the disaster that it first seemed as it led to me buying my first SLR, an Olympus OM10. I added a few extra lenses to my kit and also a second-hand Olympus OM40. Unfortunately this kit also went missing; stolen during a break-in at my home. This was replaced by a Minolta SLR with the latest autofocus system but my interest was beginning to wane.
This changed with the advent of digital and I reverted to Olympus and the 4/3rds system, building up at kit comprising E500 and E510 bodies and several lenses. I used this for about 10 years before upgrading to an OMD EM1 MkII with various micro 4/3rds lenses covering 9mm to 300mm (equivalent to 18mm to 600mm in a 35mm system). I use Elements 2019 for post-processing but tend to do minimal editing (primarily as a result of a lack of knowledge!)
Soon after getting a digital camera I attended a weekend course in Yorkshire run by Garry Brannigan (The Digital Dawn) and more recently have had the pleasure of spending some time with Ken Whalley of Photograph West Cornwall. I am a member of Banbury Camera Club.
Most importantly I don't profess to be an expert; I do it for fun!